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All the following testimonials are from our customers over the years. The original letters or emails are kept on file in our national office. To add your own testimonial, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These testimonials are generally for Step Forward orthotics until 2021 and could be for either Step Forward or Step Flex since 2021. Both brands are essentially the same in respect of their performance.
Hint: Try Ctrl F to search for keywords like "knee" or "plantar".

Rick, Whatawhata, Waikato  (June 2018)
These orthotics are fantastic. I had plantar fasciitis for some time and could hardly walk because of the pain. Put these orthotics in my shoes, and noticed the difference within days. After a couple of months now the pain has gone. Awesome!

Judy, Taupo ( April 2018)
Thank you so much for relieving my foot pain with the metatarsal raise as well as the arch support - and they keep working for years.

Susan, Hamilton, (November 2016)
Hi Wendy. I bought orthotics for my High Arches from you at the Hamilton Home show - I was the tramper who could not crouch on the balls of her feet. I have just completed two tramps - the Routeburn and the Kepler and NO SORE FEET, NO LOST TOENAILS. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I can walk pain free.

Theo Koenders, Whangarei, (Sept 2016)
I bought mine a couple of months ago and my plantar fasciitis is completely gone. Thanks!

Simon, Christchurch (Nov 2016)
I am so pleased I got them.  I had really flat feet and a year later we did another print and I have started to develop an arch.

Kay, Christchurch (Nov 2016)
I got my orthotics one year ago and it has honestly changed my life.  It has removed my foot pain and given me comfortable feet.

Kevin Thompson,Omokoroa (May 2016)
I can walk as much as I want with them but can't walk far without them. I've had them for about 10 years and I really love them.
(Kevin was one of our first purchasers in New Zealand and spoke to us recently at the Tauranga Home Show. Thanks Kevin!)

Richard, Palmerston North (August 2015)
Hello Wendy, I bought some orthotics from you at the PN home show in July.  I am half way through my 4th week, wearing them 3 hours morning and afternoon and really noticing the difference in my feet. No longer do I stand first thing in the morning wincing in pain, in fact it has almost gone. At work I can walk around all day reasonably comfortably, just don't like standing still for long periods though. The way it is going I think my feet will  be back to what they were before I got this Plantar Faciitis soon. I was a bit dubious when I bought them as I had tried many other inserts in my shoes to overcome the problem which worked but only for a short time but none were as successful as these seem to be. I have also noticed my feet do not seem to ache in bed at all now and I can get a comfortable sleep. I have alreadyrecommended them to others and given them your contact details.

Garry Liddell, Colyton (July 2015)
Hello Wendy, Just a short note to you today. THANK YOU, for your appointment, last Tuesday.  Now one week on, it is real good. Yesterday, I wore my work boots for the first time, with my inserts in, all afternoon. No discomfort. I did not realise, how misaligned I was. A straight back - now walking square in my hips, and my left knee, a week on, it is improvng every day, and is now not painful.  So as you can see I am a happy client. Once again - Thank you.

Toby, Auckland (Jan 2015)
I have been wearing your orthotics for nearly 3 years now. They are remarkably sturdy and easy to wear, easy to swap between shoes, and easy to clean (which doesn't have to happen very often). For some years before finding Step Forward Orthotics, I went to three or four different orthotic consultants to have orthotic soles made to fit my feet. None of those orthotics seemed to be really doing the job (and cost a lot of money when added up). What I like about Step Forward is that the soles are made to help the feet adjust to the correct shape, rather than having a sole which is fitted to the problem......The fact that I have been using these soles for almost 3 years means that they are working. I can't imagine not having them now.

Shane, The Painter, Rolleston, Canterbury  with 'Crunchy Toes'
My darling wife has always laughed at my toes. I have very high arches and my toes were crunched up like they were trying to grip onto something with my life depending on them holding on forever! Even if you pulled on them they wouldn't straighten! When we came across Step Forward Orthotics, and listened to what they said about why my toes crunched up, we gave their orthotics a try. 12 months later I still have some "corn" looking lumps from having crunchy toes but my toes are straight and I can wriggle them! Now the wife laughs at me because my second toe is longer than my big toe and it took me 50 years to find that out. SIGH!

Mitch Bradley (Feb 2014)
Hi there, These were life changing for me. Thank you so much, I love my Step Forward Orthotics.  I have just bought a pair for my daughter.  Many thanks.

Freda Sweetman (Nov 2013)
Hi Wendy, just wanted to tell you I am absolutley rapt in the inserts I purchased at the Covi Show, it was only a few weeks later that I did a 12k walk (City to Surf). I have had no further pain in the ball of my foot and cannot believe how great they are. Many thanks.

Michael Richards, (Canterbury, Nov 2013)
Bought them about ten years ago for flat feet. Really happy with them and they are still going srong. I had about 3 degree movement in big toes and now quite good flexibility. Just couldn't move before.

Brett Sewell, (Christchurch Nov 2013)
I had back pain for over  ten years from picking up young children and bending over repairing cars. Purchased the orthotics one year ago and have enjoyed a pain free back ever since. If I hadn't experienced the relief, I would not have believed it was possible. Benefits are unbelievable.

Ray Austen, (Tauranga Sept 2013) 
I've got two tin knees (had two replaced) and I've tried about 5-6 different orthotics from supposedly very professional people.  Had them fitted in Auckland. Broke twice in twelve months.  I nearly went home as you were so busy,  but I had a fitting and bought them in 2012.  I can't be without them.  Normally there is nothing left of the edge of my shoes as I kept rolling over.  I came looking for you to say thank you very much.

Michelle, Christchurch  (Aug 2013)
I never thought I would ever endorse a product but I'm absolutely  thrilled with my orthotics. Not only have they vastly improved my feet alignment but I no longer have aching knees when sitting.

Esma Collins, Wellington (September 2013)
I bought a pair in April this year as I had plantar fasciitis and I am now pain free.  Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much.

Viv Anderson, Queenstown NZ or Radwinter Essex (Feb 2013)
Despite having treatment for plantar fasciitis in the UK, I was still unable to walk for more than an hour a day. After wearing in slowly the Step Forward Orthotics which I purchased in NZ, I am now able to garden, which I do all day, having no pain from my foot at all. I don't think I could carry on a normal way of life without them.  Thank you.

Julie Hamilton, Winton, Southland (Dec 2012)
Hi Wendy, Recently I purchased a pair of orthotics from you at the Christchurch A&P Show.
Yesterday I wore them on the Kepler Challenge a 60km run in Fiordland National Park. I have run this event in the past, always finishing with very sore feet which almost cripple me during parts of the race. Losing the nail of both big toes is normal as the run includes much steep downhill jarring of the feet. I am usually desperate to throw my shoes off at the end of the run to give my sore feet some relief. Not this year! My feet felt great throughout the entire run and gave me absolutely no grief at all!! All thanks to Step Forward Orthotics.
I just want to thank you so much for this amazing product, I wish I had discovered Step Forward Orthotics ten years ago when I discovered running.

Mike White, Nelson (July 2012)
Hi Wendy, Just a quick note to say thanks for fixing what years of treatments have not been able to. I had endured 12 years of nearly constant back and neck pain when I met you about 4 years ago and you fitted my orthotics, I nearly didn't buy them because of the cost. I am so pleased that I did. Since I have had your orthotics I have only needed four or five treatments in the last four years instead of four or five treatments every two weeks and I imagine in that time these orthotics must have saved me $5,000 making them the best investment I have ever made bar none, not to mention the huge improvement in my quality of life. Thanks again.

Bert Harris, Rotorua (July 2012)
I have osteoarthritis in both knees and I bought the Step Forward orthotics three years ago. They improved my biodynamic movement and made me more mobile. Nearest thing to a magic bullet I have ever come across.

Vicki Baker, Blenheim (July 2012)
I can thoroughly recommend these orthotics! I can't bear not to wear them! If you are on your feet all day they are a lifesaver! They relieve aching feet and legs, I love the supportive feeling.

Jackie Porat, Marton (May 2012)
The orthotics are such a joy! I no longer have hip pain, no knee pain, and  no ankle pain!  I couldn't sleep for the pain before but now it's all gone!  Thank you - I just wanted to let you know so it's good to see you here.

Maxine Paton, New Plymouth (April 2012)
I bought mine from you last year in 2011 for heel spurs and now I am completely cured!!  I had injections which were so painful and didn't work, but the pain was so bad. The orthotics are absolutely fantastic and I'd recommend them to anybody. Thank you!

Jane Valentine, Invercargill (Feb 2012)
In 2010 I had an undiagnosed common foot fracture. For over 12 months I visited podiatrists, doctors etc and everything they did put weight on the metatarsals, causing more damage. It was not allowed to heal properly and I hobbled through life thinking this was how it was going to be for the rest of my life.  I had a fitting with you and it instantly removed the pain. I cried at the relief and felt that I could walk on water now!!  The best thing I have ever done. I hobbled in and just walked out.

Marlene Parkinson, Invercargill, (Feb 2012)
I've got really flat feet and my legs tend to swell. I bought Step Forward Orthotics in 2010 and the swelling has gone down and my arch is holding up well. I wear them all the time in my gumboots and they stay in really well.

Rita Fox Invercargill (Feb 2012)
I bought mine in 2010 and I just wear them in my gumboots, not inside. Took ages to get used to them but I wouldn't be without them now. They have helped my knees a lot and they are not sore anymore.

Jeannette Elliott, Tauranga, New Zealand (2010)
I purchased the stepforward orthotics from you at the Tauranga Home show two weeks ago. Read all the instructions carefully and put them into my shoes for 5 minutes twice on the first day. Agony. So did 5 minutes again the next day, then cruised through to 45 minutes (including walking 4 k's each day in them as we train for our big Europe Adventure) by the end of the first week. As I do not move around or stand constantly I have found it possible to wear them for several hours each day since then. I take them off about lunchtime for an hour or two - just to air my feet really - and I must 'fess I can feel some changes in my hips, ankles and knees, but not enough to hurt, more of a re-alignment.
I am very conscious that my balance is better, with my weight distributed evenly across the whole of each foot when I stand still (I have always locked my knees and either been on ball or heel - a very wobbly thing). I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I have heaps more energy than before and believe that I am standing taller.
Yesterday we went to a 40th birthday party and I put the orthotics into my dress shoes (a 2" cuban heel) and they were very comfortable - it was stand around and chat style and I had no problems at all.
We leave for Europe on Tuesday and will be away 6 weeks. I am going with tremendous confidence that I will be able to walk comfortably on all the tours.

Denise, Tauranga, New Zealand (2011)
Nice to see you here in Rotorua! I bought a pair from you at the Tauranga Home Show last year, and have worn them every day. My hammer toe has been released and it's taken the pain of the bottom of my foot. They also keep my body aligned. I am so pleased I bought them and have told my friend Robyn to be in touch as she has back issues. [Robyn has since bought a pair.]

Sue George, Registered Nurse, Rotorua, New Zealand (July 2011)
I just want you to know that the orthotics have made a huge diffence to my life. I bought them as I had plantar fasciitis and I wear them every day. It's what you don't expect to get as well that's great, as they really help my back and knees by keeping everything aligned. They are also cost effective as I've paid hundreds at a podiatrist and they just don't last. Also when the podiatrist makes them to your foot it's like supporting a negative behaviour and saying this is okay - that it's okay to have your foot in that shape and somehow normalizing that. But with these orthotics it takes you back to a normal stance. It's treating the cause and not just the symptoms and taking you back to a normal way of walking. I wear them in tramping boots and simply everything. Thank you!!

Ann Somerville, Christchurch, New Zealand (July 2011)
I bought mine about two years ago and I always wear them. I'm really happy with them. I used to buy those ones from the chemist but they just wear out so quickly.

Joy, Christchurch, New Zealand (2011)
I had plantar fasciitis and fallen arches. I was in so much pain! It was like a miracle cure - as soon as I put them on I could feel they would be right for my feet. Thank you so much - I am much happier!

Michael, Blenheim, New Zealand (July 2011)
I bought a pair about three years ago as I had such high arches and if I did any long exercise I couldn't walk the next day. Now I have no problems. I've been trying to get my friend to come and get a pair. [His friend Ryan did come in and bought a pair also!]

Michael, Acupuncturist from WA, Australia (May 2011)
My clients are all thrilled so far with their Step Forward orthotics. I shake my head at the terrible stuff most podiatrists make for their patients! I’m also very pleased that I can offer my patients an in-house solution to their problems that I know works as I use them myself. (May 2011)

Len Gibert, Taihape, New Zealand (18 March 2011)
I've just bought my second pair! I've been wearing them for 7 years now, in all my shoes and even my sandals. I had hammer toes, and the orthotics have cured them to a degree, by making the joints spread and releasing the tension. Without them I can only last about three-quarters of an hour.

Trevor, Feilding, New Zealand (2011):
I bought mine about two years ago. I used to get really sore feet. I've put them in my golf shoes and I can play 18 holes no problem at all now.

Yvonne Becker, Massey, Auckland, New Zealand (May 2011)
When I went to the Waitakere Show in 2010 I could hardly walk as I had plantar fasciitis really badly. I'd been to the doctor and all he said was get stuff to go in your shoes. I followed the instructions and within 3-4 months it had totally gone and has never come back. I'm not wearing them anymore.

Stephen Santos, Kelston, Auckland, New Zealand (2008)
I am on my feet a lot all day plus when I sing at gigs at night. It can be quite tiring with dancing and keeping my feet moving. I had really flat feet before and they got hot and sweaty and a little smelly. They also ached quite a bit. Now I find the orthotics keep my feet cool and they don't swell up or sweat. I find it easy to be on my feet all day and night and to walk. I just take them from my boots to my shoes, it's no trouble. I also found it really easy to get used to them, it didn't take very long at all.

Val, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand (October 2008)
I had heel spurs and to start with had trouble walking distances - I walk a lot. I also needed arch supports as my arches were dropping. They work very well and I would recommend them to others.

Joy, Tauranga, New Zealand (2007)
I love the orthotics!
I had been to a podiatrist and paid $1,500 – I was pushed and pulled and told to lie down. Really weird and very expensive and it didn't work! Then I was at the Easter Show and I watched what they did and it just made sense. It's logical and practical. I was so pleased I had found them and so I thought I'd try those. I was given all the information and given the exercise program, but I didn't really listen. I just left them in my shoes and they helped enormously. My knees stopped aching and I noticed the things like corns under my feet vanished. I'm totally happy and I've just got a second pair. I use them daily – I put them in my crocs, I use a stick on dot. I love them!



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